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Information Technology and Services
Apple Is Tracking You To Build Something Very Valuable: Its Location

Your iPhone tracks you everywhere you go, and so do most phones these days. You knew that already. The reason this is a big story now is because it turns out that for the past 10 months Apple has been keeping your location…
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Samsung strikes back at Apple with 10 patent infringement claims —

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to everyone: in the latest chapter of the Apple-Samsung dispute, the latter company has just retaliated by…
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More Than 100 Sites Went Down with EC2, Including Your PaaS

The popular web sites down today because of the Amazon Web Services outage are getting most of the attention, but they were only a handful among the hundred-plus that were affected, including at least three popular…
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Amazon EC2 goes down, taking with it Reddit, Foursquare and

Cloud computing is all very well until someone trips over a wire and the whole thing goes dark. Reddit, Foursquare and Quora were …
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YC_Y_U_NO Give Twitter Link Readers Auto-Entry Into YC?

A couple weeks back, I noticed an amusing Twitter account called YC_Y_U_NO that poked fun at Y Combinator and Silicon Valley in general, sometimes with pretty hilarious results. The account is a riff on the popular Y U NO…
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