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最新鋭1000fpsプロジェクターと超高速センシングによるリアルタイムトラッキング&フェイスプロジェクションマッピングの最新作「INORI -PRAYER-」が公開!
本作は、浅井宣通(WOW)の呼びかけにより、TOKYO(http://www.lab.tokyo.jp/)の谷川英司氏、ダンスユニット AyaBambi、東京大学石川渡辺研究室とのコラボレーションから誕生しました。

プロジェクトは、谷川氏が提案した「生命」をテーマに楽曲を制作したところから開始。楽曲から受けたインスピレーションを元に、クリエイティブ・テクニカルディレクター浅井とCGディレクター阿部伸吾(WOW)がビジュアル制作とプログラミングを構築。更にAya Sato氏がコレオグラフを作り上げ、谷川氏率いるTOKYOが映像作品として完成させました。



The latest work to utilize real time tracking and face projection mapping using a state of the art 1000 fps projector and ultra high speed sensing, ‘INORI-prayer-,’ has been released. This project was born when Nobumichi Asai (WOW) approached collaborators Eiji Tanigawa, of TOKYO (http://www.lab.tokyo.jp/), the dancing duo AyaBambi, and the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory at the University of Tokyo.

This project began when songs were created about ‘life,’ a theme proposed by Tanigawa, who acted as this project’s director. Creative and technical director Asai (WOW) and CG director Shingo Abe (WOW) completed visual production and programming based on inspiration they obtained from the songs. Aya Sato added the choreography, and TOKYO, led by Taniguchi, completed the project by making it into a video.

‘Radioactive’ is the inspiration that Asai felt from music. ‘Radioactive’ wields destructive power, and from that brings ‘death’, ‘suffering’, and ‘sadness’. And then, the ‘opportunity’ to overcome those things. Accompanied by the overwhelming performance of AyaBambi, a visual synchronization of black tears, skulls, faces being severed, Noh Masks of agony and
the Heart Sutra have sublimated into a single piece of work.

The face mapping system made it possible to follow intense performances, which was impossible until now, thanks to the use of the state of the art 1000 fps projector DynaFlash and ultra high speed sensing. The projected image looks like it is integrated into part of the skin, and the expressions on a subject’s face, when it is distorted or transformed, are exponentially enhanced.

For more detail and credits▶http://www.w0w.co.jp/news/118
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